Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The marvels of modern dentistry

My head is still spinning from how fast I had my cavities filled today at the dentist. I wasn't in the chair more than 15 minutes before I was being cleaned up and sent on my merry way. They have sure come a long way since the days of painful shots, whining drills, and lots of cotton jammed in the mouth. I must say that the pain afterward hasn't changed all that much, but maybe I'm just being a baby. It's been so long since I've had a cavity or anything of that nature, so I suppose I've forgotten what it's like.

At any rate, I'm headed to bed shortly to get some rest. My mouth hurts, and my furry children are being especially annoying and persistent tonight, for which I have little patience. I missed out on reading most of my favorite blogs, but I'll be back tomorrow night when I'm feeling a little better. Ant thanks to everyone who left words of comfort and encouragement regarding my impending layoff, I really appreciate it.


Char said...

yay for short dentist visits! sleep well little one

Claire said...

you're still in lala land as i write this... hope that you are snuggled into pete and that the pain has worn off.

drollgirl said...

hope you are feeling better today!

Vana said...

i hate dentists...for that exact reason...the pain they cause:)
Hope you're feeling better!