Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time's a-tickin'

Why is it that time flies by so fast when you're home enjoying yourself, and then crawls when you're at work, desperately waiting to get the hell out for the day?

Anyhow, some things I got done today:
  • Several loads of laundry, including sheets dirtied by wet dog jumping into bed with me after a walk
  • Cleaned the icky litter boxes
  • Scrubbed the upstairs bathroom until my skin was raw and my lungs turned into a chemical mush
  • Made the bed (that won't last long)
  • Put away several baskets of clothes and sorted some things into a Goodwill box
  • Fixed a button on a velvet blazer (which I might wear tomorrow)
  • Washed and hung the shower curtain and liner
  • Worked on my latest freelance projects
  • Filled the car's gas tank and put air in the leaky rear tire
Unintended results:
  • Twitching and swollen lymph nodes
  • Irritable and tired
  • Reek of bathroom cleansers
  • Loss of desire to wear something cute and dressy tomorrow (see first two results)
I know I need to watch how crazy I get with the chores and work and such, because otherwise I set myself back health wise. But if I don't do it, it doesn't get done (Pete has been working on the floor all day). I just wish I had like three months off to get everything done that I need to. But I get the feeling that I'd spend two and a half of those months goofing around, sleeping in, watching lots of daytime tv, and reading fashion magazines. Then I'd madly scramble around during the last few weeks, trying to get everything done and stressing like a crazy woman.

At least I got enough done today to make up for the other five days that I was off from work, back when I had great aspirations to do so much, but ended up doing nothing much at all (which was delicious).


Alyssa said...

I understand this insane cleaning frenzy pattern:) I am the same way - although I've switched to organic/natural cleaners which help a lot with keeping the lungs open;)
Hope you are feeling better!

Char said...

I do the same thing - now I have a lot of time on my hands and I find that I have to make myself do at least one thing on my list or I will while away the hours, like I have this weekend. but tomorrow is wash and apply for unemployment.

Georgia B. said...

oh, i just realized you went to a white background. i like it!

you can come to my house next and do all the stuff i've been behind on—you know, if you get bored or run out of stuff to do at your house. :)