Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mama's birthday

Pete and I arrived at this little birthday gathering on a bit of a fluke. We had dentist appointments scheduled yesterday for 5:10, which I confirmed with both my iPhone calendar and the reminder call we got from the dentist's office the day before. When we showed up, we were told it's actually scheduled for today at the same time. Argh!

Since we were already halfway towards my parents' house and it was my mom's birthday, we decided to head over there and have dinner and cake with them. My mom had had a hard day at work, so it pleased her to see us arrive with some cold beer (for the brats she was cooking, and our bellies) and smiles on our faces.

My mom's wacky sense of humor

After dinner the celebratory birthday pound cake was brought out, and it was ceremoniously lit aflame with a few molten number candles on top. Of course, Otto instantly began barking when he saw the cake being placed in the center of the table, and would not shut up, even after we were all done singing.

Matt and the honorary pound cake

Dad waiting to start the festivities

The gigantic knife my dad got out to cut the wee little cake

Mom laughing as...

...Otto entertains and annoys us with his usual birthday song barking

The cake aglow with birthday splendor

Mom blowing out her candles

Pete looking amused as my dad cracks joke after joke, heavily laced with puns

Me groaning at all the punnery involving the words "pound cake"

The aforementioned birthday-pun-pound cake

Otto waiting for some cake to be tossed his way

Some lovely flowers for mom's birthday

We had a great time, lots of laughs, and got to relax a little, which was nice. Best of all, it made up for my mom's bad day and gave her something to be happy about. That's the best gift we could have given her today, I think.


Char said...

happy birthday mom!!! love the daffodils Maegan said...

oh Happy Birthdays around! I love your new kitty banner!!! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mom!