Monday, January 26, 2009

A trip back to the Adirondacks

Pete and I (and maybe our dogs) might be going back to the Adirondacks this summer with Pete's sisters and nieces. I am so excited just thinking about it! We had such a good time back in August '07, and I would love the opportunity to go back.

Here are some pix from that trip:

The Ausable River

Dusk near our cabin

Duck in Lake Placid

Pete's niece Olivia jumping on rocks across a nearby river

Jeanette, Olivia, me, and Pete in front of our awesome cabin in the woods

Niagara Falls, which we visited on the way home

If we can go, I will be super-psyched. Really, I don't see why we wouldn't. Jeanette's looking into whether our dogs could go or not. If not, we'd have to get a sitter (and yes, they'd be heartbroken). But otherwise we're clearing our calendar for August again. I have no idea where I'll be working or what will be happening in our lives by then, but just knowing we have this trip to look forward to is happiness enough for me.

I might be posting pix to Flickr for this trip from '07, but I need a small break after uploading a billion Hawaii photos during the last several days. I'll let you know when I upload them though.

8 comments: said...

Yay, seems like you had great time! I keep my fingers crossed that you will repeat it in August ;-) NIAGARA! I WANNA SEE NIAGARA!

please sir said...

WOW - looks like an amazing time!!!

Char said...

looks like a gorgeous trip!

avant garde said...

never been, but looks inviting. love the view from the cabin! happy monday!!!

drollgirl said...

oh geez. that looks/sounds like so much fun. hope it happens!

Alyssa said...

That looks awesome. We've actually been debating to go there for our family summer vacation! Do you have any tips or recommendations???

Chris said...

Yes! I recommend taking your time, renting a cabin in the woods like we did (near the road), checking out all the little shops/towns, go on plenty of hikes, dress warmly (it gets cold there!), and most of all, bring any and all cameras you have—you'll use them!

Maggie May said...

i just love your pictures on the side and crack up at Slimy Hoover!!! awesome name. i am obsessed with naming things.

this place looks amazing. give me rivers, rock, sky- i'm blissed