Sunday, January 4, 2009


One of my goals this year is to tackle the cleaning and organization of my entire home, bit by bit. I need to get it into shape so that it is spruced up and ready to go, in the event that we need to be move-ready. Not only that, but it's sorely needing a good cleaning and organizing, and I figure doing little chunks like that will be easier than facing the entire house head-on.

So I thought I'd start with the upstairs bathroom. It's horribly grungy and gross, mainly due to pet/human hair deposits, soap scum, and lots and lots of dirt, via Pete. Pete is a sheet metal worker and comes home literally covered in dirt and debris, and of course goes upstairs to wash when we get home. The resulting mess is scream-worthy, with dirt-caked bars of soap, splattered filth on the shower/bathroom walls, and super grubby bathroom tile. I try to keep on top of the mess, and he tries to keep things clean, but it doesn't seem to work out that way.

Anyhow, today I thought I'd do the bathroom, and I'm about two hours into scrubbing out the tub. THAT'S how dirty it is! I'm literally shaking from the effort, which is bad, because I tend to start feeling well and overdo the physical stuff, and then I pay for it the next day. But I'm almost done, thanks in no small part to the magical powers of Kaboom. This stuff is like a miracle worker for women like me, who have to excavate their bathroom fixtures from layer after layer of crud. Granted, it's taking more than a few rounds to get the shower done, but it's rather nasty in there, and I don't fault Kaboom for not miraculously cutting through so much grime. I highly recommend you get yourself some (the spray and the scrub are both awesome). I've never used it on my floors before, but I'm thinking I might try. They're pretty dingy.

Well, I'd better get back while I still have some energy to devote to scrubbing. Sigh...


Char said...

that stuff does work pretty well - except I hate my tub is that textured stuff that is really hard to clean.

Georgia B. said...

see comment on post above. :)

everything would be a-okay if we just had a tub like that, wouldn't it?