Thursday, January 1, 2009

For 2009...

  1. Be happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, patient, strong, gentle, relaxed, hopeful, generous
  2. Honor Pete and our new marriage with love, humor, and kindness
  3. Be open-minded and gracious with others
  4. Give back what I am so lucky to be given
  5. Embrace life and not sit around waiting for things to happen
  6. Organize my home, car, purse, and life, which all sorely need it
  7. Continue to enjoy the small things in life and see the beauty all around me
  8. Repel the stress that forces its way into my body on an almost daily basis
  9. Laugh, and more often
  10. Spend more time with my pets, and thoroughly enjoy their furry warmth and funny antics
  11. Continue to hope
  12. To take more pictures
  13. Sleep more, and more soundly
  14. Eat better, exercise, take my vitamins, which is difficult for me to do all at once
  15. Reach out more often, be part of others' lives, and stop being a recluse
  16. Have more fun with my style, and actually start wearing what I secretly think of wearing but never do
  17. Take back my health and not simply crawl out of bed each morning, but actually get up with a smile, so I can do all of the above
  18. Keep blogging and not get overwhelmed or burned out by it
  19. Start a garden
  20. Pay off bills, reduce debt, save more money, be financially more stable
  21. Have a job where I'm happy, appreciated, motivated, and I can make a difference
  22. Find a humble little home for our family
  23. Read more books
  24. Continue to count my blessings
And the list continues to grow, but I don't feel overwhelmed, just very excited that I have so much to look forward to during this year.

What are your new year's resolutions? What do you hope for in 2009?


Claire said...

I plan to hold you accountable to this amazing list. I am standing on the sidelines cheering you along louder than you will ever know. I believe in you Chris, I really do.

I have one very simple new year's resolution: spend quiet time with God every day at the start of the day. Two years ago I made this resolution and my life has never been so blessed. With Him at my side all the rest falls into place.

My prayer is that you will know this...

Char said...

it's a wonderful list!!! I will do some of the same. It will be a good 2009 - I'm going to claim it and send the positive vibe into the universe!

~~ Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy
Guillaume Apollinaire

Georgia B. said...

good list. i've found that if you don't call these lists resolutions and you just see them as goals to strive for, you are more likely to accomplish them and not get discouraged when you see yourself not achieving them all right away. even if you focus on just one each day, that is a great stride!

i hope you are able to see the improvement you seek in all of these. it is admirable to see someone be moldable enough to change, instead of accepting who they are without realizing there is always ways to better our lives. accepting yourself is a good thing—don't get me wrong. but accepting who you are and being willing to change is even better!

i wish you the best in your desire to accomplish this list! i know you can and will, because i have seen you do many of these already over the past year.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant list. Here's to making it all happen for yourself in 2009!

Thanks so much for all your thoughtful reflections and inspiration this year Chris. I feel so blessed to be part of your blog community. I look forward to what the coming year will bring!