Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm going to bed. I feel really crappy and I think I'm coming down with yet another cold. Seems like I just had one the other day. And this one's a doozy that's being passed around at work. People have been struggling with it for several days at a spell, taking off from work and being miserable for days on end. Gee, thanks guys. Here I thought I dodged this bullet and I was all proud of myself, crappy immune system be damned! But alas, the glands are swelling, the head is pounding, and I feel achy and sore all over. So off to bed I go.

Pete already hit the sack a few hours ago. He said he was going upstairs to "snuggle with the doggies" but I knew the minute his head hit that pillow, he'd be out. Sure enough, I went upstairs a half hour ago and he's completely tucked in, still wearing his work clothes but blankets pulled up tight to his scruffy chin. He moaned something about just resting for a few minutes and promptly went back to sawing logs. Sometimes he's so unintentionally cute that it's funny.

Well, off to bed go I. I'm hoping I awaken tomorrow refreshed and back to normal—normal for me being achy and having headaches that is, but definitely not slapped with a cold.

(Photo courtesy of Corbis)

Meet Matt, the aspiring JCPenney model

Something to say?

Don't be shy!

Lookin' good

Excuse me, miss?

Why yes, I absolutely love those Cubs!

Nice day today, eh?

Hey there girl!

Looking to the future

Can you handle this?

Henry and mom

Scenes from a party


Beauty shop time

Harold and Pete: The affair continues...

As always, my feet

Henry and me


Big dude and little dude

Henry giving up

Sam looking wary

Shannon sticking her tongue out

Mani sunbathing

Stephi forcing Steve to smile for the camera

Birthday greetings to my friend and fellow blogger, Georgia

Georgia at the bakery in Crystal Lake where she frequently stops for coffee with her husband, Brac

Me and Georgia at my bachelorette party dinner

Me, Jen, and Georgia at my last lunch as a single working woman

Georgia standing next to a green tile wall

Georgia and Adora, complete with gobs of white dog hair all over Georgia's nice black outfit

Today is Georgia's birthday, so to celebrate I'm showing some of my favorite photos of her. She is a little sunbeam of hope in many peoples' lives, and she makes going to work almost fun (I said almost). Georgia is a blast to hang out with, she is always coming up with creative ideas, and she is the sharpest and most unique dresser I have ever met. She is a very kind and loving soul, and looks for the good in everyone. Georgia even has her own awesome blog, Jorjah-B, which features "anything and everything," but focuses on interior design and fashion.

She's not at work today, because she took the day off to enjoy herself and hang out with her sister. So I'm sending out my birthday wishes to her via my blog. Georgia, if you're reading this, have a fant-abulous birthday!

Mini feathery bird ornaments from World Market

I don't get out to World Market often enough, which is a bummer. But after Sam told me about these cute little bird ornaments made out of craft-store birds, I can't wait to stop in and see what else they have. Not that I'm already thinking about Christmas, mind you, but these ornaments are certainly an excuse to stop in at World Market. But do you really need an excuse?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo booth with Chris and Dollie

Dollie decided she was going to sit in my lap and help me blog tonight, which wasn't working out so well. So I thought a photo booth session would be more fun, and I wouldn't be typing cryptic messages to fellow bloggers in their comments section.

Things started out calmly enough, but Dollie quickly became intrigued by the beeps and lights coming from the photo booth program. Pretty soon things got out of control, and we struggled a bit, vying for the camera's attention. I think in the last image you can truly see how she was attempting to attack my laptop's screen before I caught her.

Our joint blogging session ended rather quickly after that disastrous photo shoot. Right now Dollie is sitting with her back to me on my desk, staring at the floor, sulking. Oh well, Dollie's never been a very patient photography model for me anyhow.

Colorful rainboots and umbrellas

Today seems like an appropriate day to blog about rainboots (it's gushing outside as I write this). I've always wanted to get a pair, but I have trouble with the fit. I have thick calves—I know, sad—and I usually have difficulty pulling the boot up and over my jeans. Sometimes I can't even get the boots up and over my bare legs!

So the quest continues in finding a rainboot that's cute and functional, but that I can also put on. There are some really cute ones out there, though. I'm liking these from Target, and DSW has some nice ones too. I think I'd want a pair in a bright color like red, or some sort of pattern, like the ones shown above.

I'm also on the lookout for cute umbrellas, particularly those that are long and pointy (the traditional kind). No fold-up compact models for me. I already have some like that for the car, but I want a small grouping for an antique milk barrel I have. It's been sitting in my entryway for ages, forlornly waiting for some pretty umbrellas to fill it up. I saw some interesting ones at DSW and Target, but I'm keeping my eye out for other resources too. This one is cute, as is this one.

Now I just have to find the right boots and umbrella, and then I can go splashing around in the puddles outside!

A sweet surprise—Lomography Diana+ Camera

I got this Diana+ camera from Sam and Mani at the August/September birthday party yesterday. I was so psyched when I unwrapped it, I almost jumped out of my seat. What a cool gift! I just have to go get some 120 film and I'm ready to go. The resulting images remind me of the effects some people have been getting with viewfinder cameras (like my Kodak Duaflex II) but it uses film. Can't wait to start using it!

Have you ever used one of these? If so, what did you think?

(Photographs courtesy of Urban Outfitters)