Thursday, January 22, 2009

Matt's birthday, and brownie cake—yum!

I stopped by my parents' house today on my way to a dermatologist appointment to say happy birthday to my brother, Matt. My mom had made a lovely (and quite gooey) brownie cake for him, so after my appointment I came back to celebrate with him and my dad, Shannon, and of course, Otto (my mom had to work and Pete was at home).

Matt and the lighting of the infamous number candles, this time a rather fresh and unused looking "24"

Dad looking eager

Shannon taking pix

Otto barking and drooling on my lap as we sing "Happy Birthday"

Yes, my mom just had a birthday on Tuesday, and my other brother Steve had a birthday on the 10th. And guess what? There's ANOTHER birthday coming up on Saturday! Guess who? (No, not me, I'm a Virgo.)

I guess you'll have to wait to find out this weekend, hee hee...


Char said...

I love that you all celebrate it individually instead of lumping them all together.

drollgirl said...

that gooey brownie cake sounds scrumptious and you have more celebrations a' comin'! yay!

Claire said...

as i started reading your post i thought to myself can it be possible that this entuire family have birthdays in jan? and then you ended off on the same note.

i hope i get to taste some of that great gooey cake later this year? ; )


Claire said...

sorry entire...