Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spaghetti-dinner-and-brownie-cake-birthday for Steve

Last night we had a spaghetti-and-brownie-birthday-cake party for Steve's birthday. My mom made her usual wonderful spaghetti for dinner. And as for the cake, she whipped that up too, complete with festive green sprinkles and the obligatory number candles, which are in constant rotation in our family (especially that 3).

The decorated cake

Matt waiting for the festivities

Mom looking dizzy

Singing to Steve while Stephi looks on

Me smiling at all the teasing and goofiness

Yum, brownie cake!

A caged and indignant Otto, barking along to "Happy Birthday"

Dad couldn't wait for me to take a proper picture and immediately started in on his slice, tongue hanging out, fork flashing and cake a-rollin'.

It was a lot of fun, and I needed the laughs and the relaxation. Talk centered around the boys' upcoming ice fishing trip and Otto's usual round of obnoxious "crotch surfing" at the table. Good times, good times.


Char said...

I love family get togethers. Happy Birthday Steve!

Georgia B. said...

happy birthday Steve. :)

you always capture great pics of your family! what a great way to journal these moments in your life.

can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Claire said...


i almost left home at the age of five. i packed my bags and stood at the door waiting to be picked up by my 5 year old best friend, clifford. his family had a regular tuesday evening spaghetti night and my family didn't and as a five year old this was all that mattered at that point. at about 9pm my mom managed to convince me to change my mind.

your photos evoked all those memories.

thank you!