Monday, June 30, 2008

I draw pictures all day.

I recently saw someone at work with one of these sketchbooks. I thought they were pretty cool at first, but now, I dunno. Seems a bit pretentious, doesn't it?

The Bitchy Deli

Be sure to check out my other blog, The Bitchy Deli, which is up and running but not quite customized yet. I had an emergency set up this morning after a lovely experience at the local gas station in Warrenville.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ginkgo pendant

Check out the lovely ginkgo pendant I snagged at Etsy. I've been saving up for it for a while. So pretty.

Vintage tea cup obsession

Okay, I've always had this dream of having quaint little tea parties at my charming little home. Of course, that assumes that my charming little home is finished and ready for such tea parties (which it is not) and that I have a lovely collection of tea cups and dessert plates, which I do not—not yet. But this is my goal.

I've been perusing eBay for weeks now, hunting for just the right vintage tea cups. There are some absolutely gorgeous ones for sale, but I need to keep things relatively inexpensive these days. However, I've still been able to find some beautiful little tea cups at an affordable price (most under $10), each unique and pretty in its own way. Here's a small peek at my growing collection. Note: the pink one is not yet in my grasp, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Welcome to reverie, my creative outlet. My goal is to blog on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Since I'm going to be married in a little over a month's time, I'm incredibly busy and have precious few moments to do anything fun, but I'm going to try.

I've been reading other blogs over the last year, and I have always thought it was a really unique and interesting way to share a little bit of yourself with others. I have already started my own mini-blog on my Multiply photography website, but I feel it's time to expand a bit. I'm on the verge of branching out creatively in many ways (I hope!) and I feel like this is the perfect way to begin the process. And I think it'll be really interesting to track the events of my life—and the lives of those I care about—over time, and to witness the ever-evolving tapestry we call life. Yes, that sounds a wee bit cheesy, but it sums it up nicely, don't you think?

So I hope you like what you see in the months to come, that you aren't annoyed by my tendency to overwhelm with words, images, and ideas; and that you are somehow inspired in your own way. Thanks for stopping by.