Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo of the Week" Oooh yeah, snow!"

Otto grinning over a freshly killed branch a few winters ago

When someone is this happy to be out in the snow, how can you get mad at the inconvenience? I'll remind myself of this when I'm heading out this afternoon during rush hour, and I begin my long and torturous ride home.

(Note to the snow gods: please hold off the storm until Pete and I are safely home tonight. Please? I'll be eternally grateful, and maybe even fashion a cute but misshapen snowman in your honor. Thank you.)


Char said...

how adorable is he? that made me smile.

sandy said...

Cute, cute, cute pic - kinda makes me think the snow looks fun and pretty!

ELK said...

chris drive careful and hello to OTTO from Sam my golden

Alyssa said...

Super cute!! I want a dog:)

Anonymous said...

Nothing says 'happy' like a big doggy grin! Hope you guys made it home safely. have a great weekend chris!

Claire said...

chris you would have freaked at all the gorgeous animals that i saw this past week.

we were in cape vidal. it is a protected strip of ocean within a nature reserve on the north eastern shores of south africa. it is a hidden gem, a piece of paradise.

we stayed in log cabins and just over the dune was the sea. every morning the whole forest would be full of racoon like creatures, deer and monkeys. They are not tame but they are very relaxed around humans.

The park is also full of rhinos, crocodiles, hippos and many buck.

You were in my thoughts often!

Did you build a snow man? Please make a snow angel for me sometime and then make a wish on my behalf : )

Happy week! Maegan said...

ahahahah he looks drunk! so adorable!

Georgia B. said...


boo snow, i still say.

The Lil Bee said...

Our dogs would get along very well!