Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last of the January birthday people

Did you guess who's birthday it was yesterday? Yup, my hubby Pete! I don't have any pix of the festivities, but I can tell you we had a great time. We ate dinner at The Bank in Wheaton, which was wonderful, then stopped by Nicole's to have some birthday cake. Then we all hung out for several hours talking, jamming (Pete and Jim, that is), and eating cake and drinking beer.

Pete was very happy, and he was especially pleased by the surprise appearance of his mom and stepdad, who weren't scheduled to be in town but came all the way out anyhow (a 2.5 hr drive one way). They headed back after cake, but their presence was certainly appreciated.

I found this picture of Pete to use for this post while sorting through my honeymoon pix (this is from Day Twelve). I always liked this pic, and think that Pete looks rather handsome here, like an actor in a suspense movie or something (we were at the base of a volcano, exploring). Anyhow, I'll be taking him out for a meal today and a birthday gift of his choosing, which I'm guessing will be either tools or books.

So happy birthday to you, Pete!

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Char said...

very handsome indeed - happy birthday Pete!