Sunday, January 18, 2009

Capturing the moment

I'm grateful that there are times when I'm able to grab my camera and squeeze off a few shots before the moment has passed. I don't necessarily get award-winning pix, but I do get some memorable shots that make me smile.

I happened to be passing by when I spotted Max sitting quietly in our dining room, gazing outside, bathed in sunlight. I whirled around, grabbed my Alpha, and took a few pix.

Max was startled by my presence and didn't stay still very long, perhaps a few seconds, and then moved on.

But I got a few pix out of the moment anyway. This sort of thing makes my day.

(P.S. Check out vivid, where I have posted more photos taken of Max, Dollie, and the crazy construction in my dining room.)

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Char said...

isn't it wonderful those small moments?