Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here comes Hawaii

A photo from Day Two of our honeymoon in Hawaii—Pete swimming in Queen's Bath, Princeville, Kauai

I have FINALLY started going through my honeymoon photos and prepping them to upload on my Flickr page. The sheer number of photos has been a bit of a deterrent for me, I must admit. There's about 3,000 photos—yes, you heard right, 3,000—but now that I have figured out how to convert multiple files at once, I am slowly slogging through them and getting them published to my Flickr page. It's slow going, so don't expect them to all pop up overnight. I'm working on the first few days right now, and they'll be posted in albums that focus on each day of the trip. I'm hoping to be done with them during the next several days, but we'll see. I'm working on finishing a freelance project first, which of course takes priority over playing with my honeymoon pix, unfortunately.

P.S. I'll be featuring select photos from each day on vivid as I post the pix to Flickr, so check back often!

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Char said...

what a gorgeous place to take shots - I can imagine I would have that many too! Can't wait to see them!