Sunday, January 11, 2009

Racing toward Monday

(WARNING: Unnecessary whining and complaining ahead.)

Why is it that time absolutely flies on the weekend, especially when you have lots to do, you don't get as much done as you wanted, and you're staring yet another über-stressful work week in the face? That's where I find myself now, scrambling to get emails and paperwork done, clicking along on the errands and laundry, but still trying to get into the groove of happy illustrations and cheerful good educational fun. I'm definitely not in that place right now, but I'm sure a can of Coke or two will get me on my way. Yes, it's bad to fuel your imagination and drive to create with caffeine and sugar, but I find it often works quite effectively with me.

Honestly though, I'm in the mood to veg out on the couch, watch some tv, read a few mags, and eventually crawl into bed around, oh, say 11:00? Yesterday was a wash with some fun bouts of nausea and chills, and today I started things off with a migraine. Oh boy! I'm doing better now, but I'm seriously dragging in the energy and motivation departments. I yearn to slack off and relax for the remainder of the day. But alas, that is not to be. Duty calls, so I must get into that busy bee state of mind. No HGTV or TruTV for this girl!

And I hear it's supposed to snow again tomorrow...and Tuesday...and Wednesday...just in time for the work week and its glorious rush hours. Sigh...


Char said...

If it helps, I feel exactly the same way....I have so much to do and no energy.

Claire said...


just a few pointers to take your mind of this monday blues stuff:

1. you are a very special part of certain people's lives.
2. you have vast amounts of creative ability hiding within you.
3. you have crazy pets who adore you.
4. you have a crazy husband who makes your tummy hurt with laughter sometimes.
5. you have a homely home that is stylish and simple all in one.
6. you have amazing photographic talent.
7. you have writing talent.
8. you have incredible dress sense.
9. you are a chick who loves great shoes which means you rock.
10. God is crazy about you!
and just for good measure...
11. you make my world more sunny.

hope this keeps you looking up.

thank you for the christmas card. it was really special!


Georgia B. said...

i know what you mean, girl. i'm feeling it too.

i like this picture a lot.