Saturday, January 17, 2009

Officially obsessed

That funky theme song, those fashion victims crying out for help (and even better, those who aren't), the sarcastic yet helpful hosts, Stacy and can a girl NOT obsess?

I freely admit it, I'm totally obsessed with What Not to Wear. If it's on, I'm there. And the marathons? Like giving candy to a sugar addict. I'm in makeover heaven on those rare days.

What is it about this show that draws me in? I'm always a sucker for a good makeover, and there have been some seriously bad cases on the show. The best episodes are when the person is not only fully transformed on the outside, but on the inside too. You can see their excitement and confidence when they've finally figured out how to properly attire themselves.

I love it when Stacy and Clinton go through the person's closet and comment on various articles of clothing. Some people laugh and act sheepish, but others are outraged and fight for the last piece of polyester in their closet.

And the 360? How can they NOT see what they're doing wrong? Sometimes a glimmer of understanding begins here, when the person is confronted with their wardrobe from all angles, but there are still others who won't budge an inch.

Once the shopping is underway and Stacy and Clinton make their surprise appearance on Day Two, a transformation is clearly visible. And then Nick and Carmindy swoop in to make the finishing touches, although I don't always like the haircuts Nick gives. Does everyone have to have a chin-length haircut? Is long hair really so bad? And must everyone who has curly hair have their hair straightened?

At least most people are pleased and excited by their new looks, although there are always a few holdouts that are quite obviously NOT impressed. Those are the saddest cases, I think.

Anyhow, I'd love to babble on and on about What Not to Wear, but I can't. I'm in the middle of watching yet another episode—gotta go!


Char said...

I think we are twins....I feel exactly the same way about the whole deal, even down to your comments about Nick. How can he critize - look at that phase he went through with the greasy long hair. EW

Claire said...

your insights are very valid.

citysage said...

I am OBSESSED with this show! I remember I first watched it during a thanksgiving day marathon a few years ago---and my huz loves it too!

when i lived in NYC i saw clinton walking down the street one day. he is very tall and JUST as well put together in person as you might expect!