Monday, January 19, 2009

Inspiration is a funny thing

(Me having fun recently with my camera and self portraits)

As you can tell, my inspiration comes and goes here at reverie (and of course vivid). There are days and weeks where I have no creative inklings at all. Those are sad and dark times for me, very frustrating and weird. I'm not used to being like that for more than a day or so, and when I entered my third week of limbo last week, I was really starting to feel sad and a bit scared.

Then something changed this weekend. Somehow the world looked different, I was full of ideas, and couldn't run around taking pictures fast enough. Why? What had changed? I'm not sure, but I noticed I was a bit more bubbly and content than I have been during the last several weeks. I think there's a definite connection between state of mind and the pursuit of creativity, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Which raises a question: If things go on like they have for a while, with me being in the doldrums and things not going so well in some areas of my life, am I destined to remain dry and lifeless in my imagination? I certainly hope not. If anything, having fun with photography or drawing make me very happy, and make me want to create more.

So how to get that happy cycle going continuously? I'm not sure, but I'm glad it's here for the moment, however long.


Char said...

I can understand this feeling. I've been like that before. Sometimes on my adventures I can't find anything that I want to capture...and then some days I hate everything I capture. There is an ebb and flow to all of life I think.

Claire said...

without sounding insensitive to your situation, i have found that my power to choose is more powerful than what i could ever soon as i reach this point, i choose to get out and help others so that i am reminded of how blessed i am and then i find that my creativity flows again...

Chris said...

I guess that's what I was questioning, Claire. I feel like I've been trying to seek it out and it's still not "happening" so that I was becoming frustrated. I do think Char is right about the ebb and flow, and this is no different :)