Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party for Pete

Yesterday we stopped over at my parents' house yet again for a January birthday party, this time a belated one for Pete. We all dined on stir fry and French bread, and a cherry filled-cake was served up for his birthday.

Pete's cake, complete with the ever-present number candles

Pete, Steve, Stephi, Matt, dad, mom, and I all sang happy birthday to a bashful Pete

A card and some sweets for my sweet

The goofy card I gave to Pete, complete with a cartoon animal couple, in honor of my parents' preference for such cards over the years

Otto contained in his cage, eating a piece of cake after barking along to "Happy Birthday"

Cherry-filled goodness

That's the last birthday we're celebrating in my family until springtime, although Pete has some birthdays in his family coming up (his mom's is in February). But at least we can breathe a sigh of relief for the January onslaught, although we'll be celebrating AGAIN this Sunday for all the birthdays as a sort of recap. Yeah, we're weird like that.


Char said...

I love how close your family is and I've enjoyed the birthdays. This is what I need to keep in mind as I fuss about moving home and feeling like a failure. These are the good things about being nearby.

Claire said...

hang on to these precious memories. they are the only true gems we have in this world!