Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lose It! for iPhone

I've discovered this crazy-wonderful new app for iPhone called Lose It! If you are trying to lose weight and have had trouble doing so, this app is for you. Not only does it do an awesome job at tracking what you eat, how much you exercise, how much you weigh, and your weight loss goals, but it's FREE!

I've just started using it and I'm already thrilled with the results. It's easy to use, and it does away with keeping track the old way—calories scribbled on pads of paper, trying to figure out how much you ate, how much you worked out, and how it's all affecting your weight loss. I didn't realize how much I had been eating, which has probably been sabotaging my weight loss program so far. With Lose It! I've been able to track EVERYTHING and it's all at the palm of my hand.

Seriously, this thing rocks. And again, it's FREE! Check it out.


drollgirl said...

very cool feature! i can't quite make myself spring for an iphone until they are less expensive.

Char said...

of course I would have to have an iPhone right? *wink*

but...yay for you being on a program! That's wonderful. said...

I dont have an iPhone :( gonna cry xD
haha ok... anyway i hope loosing weigh is still possible just with keeping on dieting ;d it's what have I done for last week ^^ i just had to show off ;d