Monday, January 5, 2009

A moratorium on Dove

That's it. I've declared a moratorium on the usage of bars of Dove soap in our house. It's reached an insane level, and I have to put a stop to it. While cleaning the bathroom yesterday, I found not fewer than four bars of soap, all in various stages of use, from fresh out of the box to almost a sliver. And it's no better downstairs at the kitchen sink. I discovered that not only is there a fresh bar in my rabbit soap holder (which is being used as an ashtray by someone, which is infuriating), but there's also a slightly slimmer bar on the other side of the sink, resting on a scrubbing pad. And I'm sure there's another bar or two in the downstairs bathroom, which we don't use, since the toilet broke a while ago (we're renting).

Why? Why all the soap? I don't understand it. I admit, I don't like using soap when it's in that super thin, about-to-snap-in-two stage, but I pretty much use it up til that point. And why the multiple bars? Especially when I find two or three in one soap dish, and another two or three in the shower? I just don't get it, but it's certainly starting to rub me the wrong way (ha ha).

So I decided I'm going to put the remaining stock under lock and key (i.e. hide it) until the current bars are properly used up. The stuff ain't cheap, and there's nothing more annoying than getting in the shower and having all these bars of soap fall around your feet as you attempt to dodge the little toe-seeking blocks of cleanliness.


Char said...

LOL I laughed out loud at this one. I'm guilty of a somewhat similar abuse - multiple bottles of shower gel because I like different smells.

please sir said...

Too funny - what about switching to gel? I love gel soap!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOL! I don't have that problem... just the opposite... I NEVER have soap avaiable on many ocassions! Instead of taking the time to get a NEW bar... everyone in my house steals from the next person. And I keep the hose STOCKED with Dove soap. There is nothing worse than getting in a tub to soak to find there is NO soap... UGH!
Thanks for a laugh!
ENJOY your day!

Georgia B. said...

this is hilarious! these are the kinds of post i LOVE from you, girl—you're a funny chick! and i love when we get to see it in your posts.

keep these coming! i enjoy a good chuckle like this from time to time!

and it makes me happy to see you make people laugh—that shows me that you are having fun and loving life!

see you tomorrow hopefully. :)

shopPOPKO said...

oh i hear you! I gave up bars of soap when i was tired of cleaning the sopadish. i get refillable liquid soap now. i have a bar soap addiction that i am trying to stop. you should see me at craft shows when theres a soap seller.