Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo conversion help?

Anyone know how to take a large batch of photos and resave them as smaller files, without having to individually open and save each image? I always have large batches of photos to upload, and I hate the time and effort involved in this process. Georgia showed me this once in Photoshop, but I've forgotten how to do it. The hassle has definitely stopped me from uploading lots of pix that I might otherwise share. So I'm eager to find a way around this. Any help is much appreciated!

And yeah, I'm still goofing around with my blog's look. Don't be surprised if it changes here and there while I try to settle on the look I want.

(P.S. This image of Max and others like it can be seen here.)

UPDATE: I figured out how to do this automatically in Photoshop, but as far as remembering each step, well, I'll have to trace back my steps and write everything down. Needless to say, I did it! And now I'm uploading my pix to Flickr. Check out vivid tomorrow and you'll see what I've uploaded...


Char said...

a cutie face!!! I don't know how but would love to know too. Right now I do them individually in photo manager.

ELK said...

sadly it sounds like the 3 of us need help...I LOVE the new look of your place here and what a ham for the camera max is !!

Fifi Flowers said...

I have no idea BUT what a great photo... I hope you figure it and then you might want to share!
Good luck!