Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A new beginning

Well, I hope this time of year finds everyone in a happy place, both literally and figuratively. As for me, it's a mixed bag, as always. But overall things are good.

I've been absent for a while due to being busy with a recent move. We just purchased our first home, and while it's small and humble, it has lots of character, and it's ours. The yard is enormous, and Jack even has his own room (finally!).

I'm glad I can give Jack the opportunity to grow up in a home of his own, and we can finally put down roots. I love being able to paint walls, plant flowers and veggies (once the snow is long gone), and establish a presence here in our new local neighborhood. Granted, we moved all of three blocks, and you'd think that would make it so much easier, right? Oh no! I think I'll be unpacking for months to come. It's frustrating not being able to decorate yet, or just relax and have everything done, but as everyone keeps saying, we have the rest of our lives to worry about that.

As for Jack, he's doing marvelously.

He is finally off of all his medications, and only takes a daily multivitamin. He's still quite delicate, and we must continue to worry about CLD, RSV shots, and a variety of other issues, but he's a very spunky and energetic little baby. Jack's been eating table food for a long time now, and is rapidly putting on weight after a long dry spell where he was stuck in the 15-lb range. Although he still has developmental (physical) delays and is still trying to crawl and master sitting up, he's sharp as a tack, and has a quirky sense of humor (with a goofy laugh to match). Jack continues to get various therapies, with more being added soon, but he is a strong and determined little soul.

Words cannot describe how much I love my little boy.

And yes, I'd love to have another soon, but we will have to meet with high risk doctors months before we even start trying. To say that I'm scared is an understatement. But we'll go in to it knowing what can happen, how to prevent it, and do our best.

Pete and I are doing well too. The economy has continued to affect us both in our careers, but we're making due. And as I keep pointing out to Pete, we were able to buy a house this year, despite everything, so that's saying something, right? We even got out for some mommy and daddy alone time recently at a coffee tour downtown (that's a rarity!). Here we are with my sibs and niece at the Intelligentsia coffee tour (Pete rarely smiles in photos). I still have some baby weight to lose, but once I unearth my treadmill and get back to exercising, I hope it'll start to melt away.

Anyhow, just wanted to pop in here and say hello, post some pix, etc. Hope you are all well, and I miss being a regular in blogland. But I know everyone is busy too, and you just have to take life as it comes.

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent pix

Chris here...I'm not going to say for the millionth time that I'm going to be blogging again! And take pix! And make my own bread! And run a marathon! And...and...and...phew. Life is super, duper busy. Can you tell? I'm lucky to do much beyond care for my special baby, keep the house functioning (note that I did not say "clean"), and squeeze out the occasional freelance project (they're few and far between these days). And there is big news on the horizon that I will be sharing soon (I hope).

In the meantime, I managed to grab five pix of Jack (who else?) to share with you all. The kid is tiny, but he's growing like a weed these days! So without further delay, here's Jack-Jack:

With dada and Lamby (about two months ago)

With his beloved Mr. Duck during bath time

Rock on!

Hanging out with dada in bed

With grandma (this past weekend—photo courtesy of Nic)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taken by Nicole, a true talent

Isn't my sister-in-law Nicole super talented? She inspires me so much. She is part of the reason I want to get back into photography again, after an absence of several months (due to obvious reasons—see previous post).

These were taken in Savanna this weekend...we both went out to play with our cameras while grandma Claudette watched Jack. I almost felt awkward at first, not knowing where to begin, but Nic helped me relax and get back into the artistic groove.

I love her work.

I've got a ten pounder (plus) on my hands!

Mama and Jack (pic taken by Nicole)

I've been busy, busy, busy...but here are some pix for you of you-know-who.

I'm getting back into photography and exploring my artistic side, now that Jack is home and healthy (despite a recent cold) and the weather is so beautiful. I've posted some pix at vivid of recent Savanna trips, and I'm participating in Lens.Us.Together again. It feels good to pick up the camera again (and not just the iPhone all the time).

Hopefully I'll be posting regularly again as time allows...I hope you are all doing well too!

Watching the carousel with mama at Blackberry Farm

Dapper sailor

Bath time with grandma Claudette

Tiny tiger

With grandma Carol at Blackberry Farm (pic by Sam)


Hanging with dada and watching video games

Tiger Jack

Saturday, April 24, 2010

March for Babies—last call

Don't forget, tomorrow I'll be walking in the March for Babies walk in Naperville, IL. If you are interested in donating to this very worthy cause, please visit my fund raising page to make a donation on behalf of Jack's team. Jack wouldn't be here if not for some of the great research and advances in science supported/funded by the March of Dimes.

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Some ShakeIt-enhanced photos of Jack....

Thanks to everyone who still stops by to check on his progress. I have my hands VERY full at the moment, as you can imagine, but hopefully things will eventually quiet down. I miss blogging and all of you!

And yes, as you can see, his feeding tube is long gone (he pulled it out weeks ago) and better yet, he's home! Has been since March 7th. He's still dealing with feeding issues, mostly due to reflux, and still receives therapy. But otherwise he's doing great. I think he's aound 8 lbs, which we will confirm at his pediatrician appointment next week.

He has just started socially smiling, and I love it!

Hope you are all doing well....

Happy Jack

Goofy Jack

For Uncle Matt...

Monkey boy

Another smile

Baby toes (yes, they're crooked)

Full of wonder

Scary Jack

With his froggy Wubanub

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Jack, please!

Wide awake

Passed out during floor mat time

Crying Buddha

(Half) Nekked baby

Asleep in his swing

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Under pressure

Well, I just had a discouraging visit at the doctor's this morning. I was put on blood pressure medicine when I gave birth to Jack, due to hypertension. I was hoping to be weaned off the meds, since I've been slowly losing weight, eating well, and getting lots of sleep. But surprisingly, it's still high. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was fairly low, 122/60. I was pleased, but then startled when the doctor took it again 25 minutes later and it was high, 130/90. And I had just taken my pill a few hours earlier (which makes me lightheaded and nauseous sometimes).

The doctor was also concerned, and ordered a kidney ultrasound, to make sure my kidneys are functioning properly. I have already had an EKG (back during my Hooveritis days 4-5 years ago) and that looked normal. I work out every day, eat right (except for the occasional fast food order), and, like I said, am losing weight (18 pounds since Jack was born on Halloween). The only thing I can think of is that it's genetic, since my mom has had hypertension/high blood pressure for years now, and my dad has it now too. It was very depressing to hear that I haven't progressed in that area. I do a lot to take care of myself, and yet this is one more thing that is out of my control, and that is a stress factor in my life.

I hadn't been to see my doctor in a year and a half, and she was saddened to hear about Jack and everything that has happened since he was born. Then she told me she had lost twins at 21 weeks, almost 20 years ago, and she understood how hard this all was on me. She said she couldn't imagine going through what I'm going through, but I think losing twins would be much, much harder for me. She was also impressed by how I've been handling things, but just as I tell everyone else, I don't really have a choice, and I just deal with it and do what I have to do to get through each day. She was very encouraged to hear that Jack is going home soon though.

My kidney ultrasound is on Saturday, so hopefully that will give me some answers as to what's going on with my body. Funny thing is, now I'm freaking out a bit about the high blood pressure not going away, which is probably making my blood pressure higher. That's stress for ya.

(Image from

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm glad I continue to see these everywhere I go. They remind me that I need to smile. I showed this to Pete the other day, and he said, "Ah, my wife, who sees smiley faces everywhere she goes."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Diaper bag diva

I recently purchased a lovely diaper bag from the Etsy shop Fuchst Bags, and I can't wait to get it in the mail! I was so undecided on what to get to carry around Jack's necessities because I don't really care for the typical diaper bag. So I decided to browse Etsy and see what they offered, and I stumbled upon this shop. I actually said, "Ooooh!" when I saw these gorgeous hobo/diaper bags.

After carefully thinking about it for all of a day, I went ahead and got one. I figured I'm going to be the one schlepping Jack and his stuff around 90% of the time, so I might as well get a bag that I like. And when I'm done with the baby stage of my life (not for some time, I understand), this bag can easily be used as a purse or tote, providing it's still around by then and hasn't disintegrated from use.