Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why I love him so much

This morning Pete and I were laying in bed with the dogs, just starting to wake up in the soft glow from the bedroom window. We were talking and laughing and snuggling with the dogs, and just enjoying each other's company. Pete looked at me and smiled, and I asked him what he was thinking. And he said, "You look beautiful in the morning, do you know that? I'm serious, you look really beautiful when you wake up. I don't think anyone else looks all that good when they wake up, but you look absolutely beautiful...I love you."

How lucky am I to be with a man who I adore so much and who adores me back? Who loves our animals like they were our children? Who's gentle and kind and generous as can be? Who can whip up a mean batch of sauerkraut and is a vast warehouse of utterly fascinating knowledge? I'm very, very lucky, that's what.


Katie said...

*SIGH* You are so lucky, and I'm so incredibly happy for you that you found such a great guy!

And he's even luckier for being smart enough to snap you up! :-D

Chris said...

Thanks. I feel the same way (obviously) :)

I love that pic of him with Spanky, too. Looks like a gentle father and his (furry) son.

g-bug said...

I love this picture.

Chris said...

Me too (see my earlier comment). I love Spanky's expression in it, he looks like a little boy. I just wish it were sharper, but oh well :)