Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Chicago Transit" by Arthur Johnson

I'm dying to get this vintage print entitled "Chicago Transit" by Arthur Johnson. When I saw it hanging up at work last year, it was love at first sight. I think I'll display it in my kitchen or hallway, once the house is done.


g-bug said...

i really like this print, too. it reminds me of the one on my fridge.

i am really like your blog.
you have done so much
and it looks great with lots of interesting things.
it is how i want my blog to be.
i wish i had more time to devote to it.

i just went back into my email and found the one we exchanged right before you started Reverie. It reads as follows:

You said, "

This is a shower that Jordan (the blogger from Oh Happy Day) hosted. She made the invitations and favors, and her friend made little babies frozen in heart-shaped ice cubes--very cute. Jordan blogged about it and the invitations (look under her May posts) and they were really cool--she used Lemon Heads in boxes to go with the yellow/blue theme. She's also the one who used invitations with the address labels wrapping around the sides--that must be the pic I sent to you for wedding invitation ideas, oh so long ago.

That's how I want MY blog to look and read (Reverie), once I get it up and going--one of millions of projects of mine. Sigh.

All right, no more babbling--I'll stop the emailing!"

Then I replied,
"very cool.
reminds me of
and another blog site i used to look at
(can't remember the name)

you should start your blog now.
doesn't have to look perfect yet.
could be a work in progress."

Then you started it the very next day!
And it's not even a work in progress.
It's like a complete, but ever changing finished work every day. I don't know how you do it (other than going to bed way too late every night). You are like the energizer bunny - with your photography and blogging and planning a wedding. I want to take whatever you're taking!

Chris said...

Yes! I love that one on your fridge. Who's it by, and what's it called? As Heather says, you don't mind me biting your style, do you...? ;)

Thanks. I think reverie has turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted it to look. A mix of stuff I want to buy, inspirational stuff, photography, and stories/anecdotes. That's funny that you found that email too. I have been reading Oh Happy Day for a year and a half now, and I still love her blog best of anyone's. I hope she doesn't mind me copying it!

I like that baby shower idea. I want to freeze little babies in ice cubes, too! It would work well for Valentine's Day, or Easter, or whatever—well, except for the baby part. But with hearts or eggs or chicks or whatever, you get the idea.

How strange, it seems like I wrote that a million years ago. Now I have my own blog up and running, and I love how it turned out. Someday I'll make the official logo/banner for it, but for now I'm pretty pleased.

I just wished more people read it. You and Katie are pretty much the only two people who regularly stop by, so your support means a great deal to me :)

And yes, that's the secret! I get a million things done a day, but I get four hours' of sleep and I'm in a fog all day at work. Oh well, back to blogging!

Thanks, buddy :)

g-bug said...

after you have been around long enough, you will get more people reading.

and even if not, it's like a little (or not so little) diary for yourself to always have.

i enjoy it, even if know one else does.

(ps, my poster/print is called Dunes Beaches by Urgelles.)

Chris said...

Very true. I'll still keep posting on reverie, even if no one ever reads it again, you know?

I'm supposed to be working on my freelance crap, and what am I doing? Playing with photos and blogs. Sigh...I burned your cd, by the way.

Thanks for the poster info!

Jekisa Jean said...

how weird,
i just went to your site now and saw this poster...
and strangely enough i just posted a CTA pic and thought for CREEPY!! :) (not as retro and artsy looking, but same topic...)

i love love love the cherry photos by the way!
i would totally snatch those up if i could and hang those on the exposed brick wall hallway of new apt.

the term SWEET, really applies,
how does one post links to other peoples blogs?
i would love to return the fav but do not know how to go about doing so...

ok, keep up the creative flow kiddo :)


Chris said...

Hey Jessi,

How funny about the CTA thing...Georgia was just telling me the other day how you thanked her for being such a good friend, and I had done the very same thing that day! So I think you and I are on the same frequency somehow....

Thanks, I loved taking those cherry pix and couldn't wait to share them. I'm not tooting my own horn, I just think that it's truly beautiful to show others something in a way that's different from the way they might have seen it. I think it's like looking at life through someone else's rose-colored glasses, you know?

Posting links is easy. When you're signed in, go to "Customize" and then "Add a Page Element". You can add anything from links to pix to polls to slideshows. So to add a link list, you'd go to "Link List", give your list of links a title (like "My Favorite Blogs" or whatever) and then add the address and names. You can add as many as you want. Hit save and you're done.

Hope this helps! And if you want a copy of any of my pix, just give me a holler, I'd be glad to make you one!

Looking forward to more writing from ya.... :)