Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy bee

The gang at Ravinia

Georgia at the bakery

The bachelorette party ladies

Well, I've been a busy bee in the last three days. What a whirlwind! But it was all totally fun, and I had such a blast at each event. Here's a recap of the weekend's events:

Feist concert at Ravinia—So much fun! Lots of friends and coworkers showed up, and the food was wonderful. We had wine, cheese, fruit, crackers, and these wonderful cookies called Chocolate Rocks that Heather had made. Georgia and I spent half the time taking pictures of each other and our group, which was hilarious. The concert crowd was very laid back and hip, which was a refreshing change from the usual drunk people that harass you at most concerts. We all ogled the fabulous fashions we saw on parade, and pretty sun dresses seemed to be the outfit du jour. Feist sounded awesome and the opening act was pretty good, too.

Shopping with Georgia—This too was delightful, despite the fact we both only got about four hours of sleep and I had a rip roaring migraine. We perused the local shops in Crystal Lake (a sidewalk sale was going on) and found lots of cool and unique stuff. Georgia modeled some lovely dresses for me, and we sampled the goodies at the local bakery. I ended up buying lots of jewelry, knick knacks, and a happy little bright blue chair, which I carried through the streets back to Georgia's place. Georgia bought some really cute dresses and jewelry, and scored some pretty good deals. We seemed to run into someone Georgia knows at every store, all of whom were charming and polite. I had to run off to my parents' house to squeeze in a nap before the bachelorette party (Pete was jamming with his buddies at our house). Because I had to take off early, I missed eating lunch with Georgia, and we didn't have time to go to her favorite handmade purse store, It's My Bag. But we'll have to make up for that the next time we get together, right?

The bachelorette party—Oh lord, this was so crazy! We started out at Lalo's in Schaumburg, and we started ordering their wonderful margaritas right off the bat. Potent! The food was great, and the conversation at the table kept us all in stitches the entire time. I'll never think of Mr. Potato Head in the same way again, that's for sure! After dinner, those of us over 21 headed downtown to an undisclosed location, where we attended an interesting stripper show. There was only one other bachelorette party group there, and the bachelorette herself was rather obnoxious and agressive. Kudos to Nicole for trying to put her in her place—thanks, Nic. The gentlemen there put on a good performance, although I wish we had thought to bring antibacterial wipes...I still feel a little unclean as I write this. There were also some women of questionable character at the corner table that were REALLY getting into it with the dancers. They seemed to enjoy throwing $20's on the floor after getting bent into some rather raunchy positions by the guys, and they didn't seem to mind us watching their explicit interactions. Our group was a bit more reserved, although it got fairly hot and heavy anyhow. I'm so glad everyone was such a good sport, and just went with it and had a good time. It was definitely a memorable experience, I'll say that much.

So there you have it, the weekend wrap up. Today I slept in 'til 10:30 (which is very late for me) and awoke with the same migraine, only more intense. And a dash of nausea is adding a nice touch to my already compromised physical state. As of right now, I'm feeling like total crap, so I'm going to head over to Walgreens to pick up my migraine pills (the pharmacy was closed yesterday when I tried to get them). Fun, fun, fun!

Check out the pix from this weekend's activities on my Flickr page. (Sorry, but the bachelorette party pix are for private viewing only.)

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