Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday Fish Fry at the Towne Tap

Georgia, Jenny, Jeanette, and I went to the Fish Fry at the Towne Tap yesterday. We couldn't find an open table at first, so we sat at the back of the bar, waiting for one to open. But after a while the bartender, Lynn, was kind enough to shoo some last-minute table snatchers away and graciously seated us. The fish was awesome as always, the drinks kept flowing (especially my beloved Bloody Marys), and we had a blast hanging out. It was just the right mix of low key and fun. I like this picture of the four of us, although I'm not sure what the big white spot on Jenny's neck is. It's definitely a camera glitch, and not some weird birthmark on her neck.

Afterward Georgia, Jenny, and I went back to my house (Jeanette stopped next door to see Nicole) and we hung out for a while, watching HGTV and letting the dogs lay all over us. Adora was her usual lovingly aggressive self, and she seemed to have quite the fondness for Georgia and her black outfit. By the time Georgia left an hour later, she was covered with gobs of Adora's silky white hair. Spanky, on the other hand, instantly glommed on to Jenny. He was quiet and reflective as he sat in Jenny's lap, thoroughly enjoying her company and displaying a full extension of his rather sizable ears.


g-bug said...

i love the pics! this was actually a very fun evening! i left your house feeling very glad that i made the trip down. i really enjoyed the food and company at the fish fry. and i loved finally seeing your charming house. i do definitely see the potential and vision that you do. it definitely lends itself to a shabby chic theme, but also all of your eclectic, additional Chris flare. I can't wait to see how the new "chandelier" will look over your bed. your house was very cozy. the doggies make it even more so. they are very sweet and hospitable—like you and Pete.

Chris said...

It WAS fun! I'm so glad you came, too. I was really worried you guys wouldn't like the food or the bar because it was so common. But that's what I like about it, that it's not pretentious, everyone is friendly, and the food/drinks are pretty decent. We gotta do it again in the future, when life calms down!

I'm also glad you see the potential in my house. It does speak to me, and I have this vivid picture in my mind of what it'll look like when I'm done. Pretty much any of the cool houses featured in Cottage Living, lol.

The chandelier is actually hanging over my bed, but only on a semi-permanent basis (it's hanging on the lighting track on the ceiling). I think it's very glam yet eccentric. And yes, my dogs could not have been any more affectionate, could they? Especially Adora. And she's ALWAYS like that, even to me and Pete. I'm glad we all made you feel welcome, even if you went home with gobs of hair on ya!