Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pretty bridal gown

Okay, I know I'm getting married in a week and a half (what!?!?) and I shouldn't still be reading bridal magazines. But I had one more stray magazine laying around the other day and I started flipping through it. Anyhow, I noticed that the big trend this coming season (or year?) is for very delicate, ephemeral, and romantic dresses, which is a look I totally love, and it's how I would redo my own dress. See, I'm one of those people who love something one minute, and then the next minute I'm on to something totally different (except for you, Pete honey!). This is why I have never gotten a tattoo, because I would get sick of it after a short time. So I have often thought about how I would REALLY do my wedding if I could do it over, and I think I'd go back to my original concept of getting married in a meadow in a simple white dress. But this being reality, and with Pete and me having large families, well, that wasn't realistic. But we're pretty much still doing that anyhow with the whole outdoor thing and all.

But I digress. I had wanted to post the actual picture I saw of a beautiful wedding gown in this month's Modern Bride, but apparently you can't find that image on the Internet ANYWHERE. Well, at least I couldn't, and I can usually find anything I'm looking for online. So I went to the RS Couture website (the designer of this floaty frock) and saw some of their lovely wedding gowns in their Silver and Glamour collections. The one I fell in love with in the magazine is Model # 866 bis, and it's in the Silver collection. At least you can see the entire dress at the RS Couture website, but only for a fleeting moment, as you swipe your mouse over the image. And I wish I could POST a picture here, but the site is built with Flash (argh!) and I can't even take a screen shot because of how the website is built. Anyhow, check these gorgeous gowns out. If I'm able to find the picture I saw in the magazine, I'll go ahead and post it later. It's simply lovely.

(Ah, screw it. I ran out to the car, got my magazine, took a picture of the picture itself, and uploaded it to my computer. So enjoy.)

(Photo courtesy of Modern Bride)


g-bug said...

i do like this one,
but i still like the one you ended up getting better.
i CAN NOT wait to see you in it.
it will be so cool to see you that glammed.
you will be glowing for sure.

Chris said...

Yeah, if only my face would stop breaking out! And I just broke a nail, but it's a slight break that I can file out. Whew!

The time is absolutely flying by!

This is much more fun than working on my freelance like I'm supposed to, lol!