Friday, July 4, 2008

Dollie posing

...and this is why Dollie is rarely my volunteer model. She does NOT stay still, as you can see from this series of photos. Dollie is a very hyper cat, but she's also extremely sweet. When I adopted her from the animal shelter last summer, I was told she had been adopted by someone else for a week and then returned. Can you imagine returning such a wonderful cat? Anyhow, Dollie was having lots of fun playing around in the curtains, even if I couldn't get very many good shots of her. Our session abruptly ended when Pete came home with the dogs. She dashed into another room to hide, and the moment was gone.

In the last photo you can see Dollie's lip hanging up a bit, due to a crooked tooth she has, which makes her even cuter (in my opinion).

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