Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pedicure and Coldstone Creamery

Today Jenny treated me to a wonderful pedicure at our favorite nail salon. I must say the owner (and my "nail artist") seemed rather bitchy and did a rushed job on my toes, but they turned out all right in the end. I had the lady put little daisies on each big toe (or something that can pass as a daisy) to tie in with our wedding theme. She seemed to be irritated that I was even asking her to do this, but she seemed very friendly with Jenny, so who knows what her problem was. The polish looked pink with flecks of gold in it in the bottle, but on my toes they definitely have a peachy hue, which I'm not crazy about. But then again they look sorta tropical and will fit right in with our surroundings while we're in Hawaii. They do look pinker in the sunlight, though.

And Pete and the dogs and I just got back from a visit to Coldstone Creamery. I had the Cookie Doughn't You Want Some and Pete had the Coffee Lover's Creation (which he claims he didn't like). He seemed somewhat moody while we were there, especially since they didn't serve any pralines and cream ice cream, but his disposition perked up once the coffee in the ice cream kicked in. I had tried to hint to him that I wanted to go to Culver's instead, casually producing a list of the Flavors of the Month, and I nonchalantly mentioned today's flavor (Bananas Foster), but he called me on that ploy. He know me too well! I just laughed. So it's his fault that we didn't go to Culver's, and that he had the crappy coffee ice cream he didn't like at Coldstone. Anyhow, the dogs got the remainder of his ice cream, and now we're all fat, happy, and feeling drowsy.

(That's Dollie posing next to Pete's empty ice cream dish.)

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