Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stick figure notes

I'm off to a really crabby and bitchy start today. I was late to work, I have a headache (which is going away now), and I just don't want to be at work, which is nothing new these days. So I wasn't very nice to Pete this morning during our commute to work. He was lagging behind and was the reason we were late getting out of the house, but I laid it on a bit thick, I think.

So whenever I'm bitchy, or we fight, or even when I'm very happy and want to tell him how much I love him, I draw little stick figure Post-It notes for him. He gets a kick out of these and enjoys collecting them. They usually feature a stick figure version of me (with long hair or a bow, of course) and stuff like happy smiling flowers, bugs, animals, etc. I love making them and they're kinda my "thing" that I do. I'm constantly drawing them, especially at work when I'm bored, so they're fun and they take my mind off what's bugging me.

Here's a few examples of my stick figure notes. The first one is my "I'm Sorry" note for Pete for today's apology, which I'll give him today after work when I pick him up. The second one is my "Things That Are Good in My Life" flow chart, which I made a few weeks ago. I was having a really ugly day and was in a foul mood because I hate my job so much. Suddenly I had a moment of inspiration and decided to make a list of all the things I should be happy about. And it started with one Post-It and has slowly grown since then. I have more to add to it, but I haven't had the chance yet. You can see my smiling picture in the center of the first Post-It (that version of me has a bow) and my eyes are closed because I'm thinking of all the happy things in my life. It's sort of a way to stop any negativity I may be churning up and it snaps me out of my funk.

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