Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vintage Hawaiian postcards

These are some vintage Hawaiian postcards I found online at Cardcow. They have quite the selection of vintage postcards for any holiday/country/event you can think of. I love maps and I love the kitschy look of these. I'm going to use the top one as my desktop wallpaper here at work while I'm gone on our honeymoon. That way, if people stop by to look for something or drop something off, they'll see it on my monitor and be like, "Cool!"

But I wish they had more of a selection online. I had actually wanted to put a vintage Hawaiian travel poster up, maybe something that said "Aloha!" or "Greetings from Hawaii," but I never did find anything that was hi res enough. I still plan on buying a vintage print to hang up in my house, but I'd like something to display on my laptop, too. Anybody know of any sites I can find such a thing? I found many, many posters for sale, but the actual images online were very lo res and not suitable for displaying on a huge monitor. And the desktop wallpaper sights pretty much just had photos with waterfalls and such.

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