Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Inspiration boards

I think I'd like to jazz up my rather blah looking inspiration board. Right now it's a large cork board that's just resting against the wall behind my laptop. I was thinking of getting a vintage frame that's the same size and framing the board, so I can hang it like a work of art. And if you think about it, an inspiration board IS a work of art, in a way. It's a visual representation of what's going on inside your head, which in itself is such a fabulous concept. And the beauty of it is that it's always transforming and growing in one way or another, like a living work of art.

I found several examples of other people's inspiration boards online, which have given me some good ideas. Some boards are downright neat, while others are fairly cluttered and chaotic. I would have to say that my inspiration board is somewhere in between. I don't just hang stuff that's related to what I'm drawing or designing or taking pictures of. Often I hang up photos of my pets, or I clip out pictures of clothes/shoes/jewelry, or I even hang up 3D objects like flowers. I find that if I look at such things while I'm working, then my creative juices start flowing and I get excited about what I'm doing. And my inspiration board will blend into our living room decor much better once I frame it. That way my work area doesn't look so much like...a work area.


marta said...

lovely. think it's mighty good to put what you are inspired by right in front of you. beautiful.

Chris said...

Me too :)

Anonymous said...

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