Thursday, July 3, 2008

Farmers' market, tots in tow

I saw this letter in this month's BH & G in response to the question, "Do you shop at farmers' markets? What do you enjoy about them?":

"I keep a list of local farmers' markets posted on the refrigerator. Throughout the season, my two toddlers and I pack a little wagon in the trunk of the car and go on a 'fruit and veggie adventure.' The kids love the wagon ride, helping pick out their food, and talking with the local farmers."

I've been thinking about this letter (and the mental image I get) a lot. I can imagine doing this in the near future with my children, working from home as a freelance artist/photographer, being an at-home mom, possibly also a part-time art teacher for kindergarten kids. 

It sounds like the perfect day to me too, towing my babes around in a little red wagon in the early morning sunlight, sipping my steaming hot green tea latte, talking and laughing with the people at the market, snapping pictures and sampling the colorful fruits and vegetables...there's so much life ahead for me to experience, it makes me giddy sometimes.

(Photo courtesy of Jupiter Images)

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