Friday, July 18, 2008

Warrenville jam

The boys—Pete, Jim, Jeff, and Scott—had a jam session at our house last night. Here they are (sans Jeff) just starting to warm up. And yes, that's our stove in our living room. Our house is under construction and there are things like stoves in weird places. The guys want to start up a weekly jam session, which is pretty cool. I just need to go buy some ear plugs before next week's session.

Anyhow, they were really rocking all night, and it sounded pretty sweet. I went next door to hang with Nicole and be artsy—she with her ancestry scrapbooking, me with my cherry photos. Poor Spanky and Adora tried to leave our house with me, but I wouldn't let them, so they hid upstairs under the desk to get away from the scary noise. When I came home, they seemed okay, but perhaps a wee bit deaf.

Here's a link to an earlier jam session by Jeff, Pete, and Jim. And here is a link to yesterday's jam session (with Scott).

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