Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Edmund Dulac prints

I just found these two Edmund Dulac prints upstairs in our house this morning. The first print is called "The Fairy Was Hidden Within Their Depths" and the second print is called "Cinderella". I kinda forgot I even had them, since our house is a construction zone and all of my beautiful things are stored away. I'm hanging the "Cinderella" print in my kitchen/dining room, but I'm not sure where the "Fairy" print will go yet. Maybe the guest bedroom?

I'd like to also get a print from his series about The Rubaiyat, called "Blowing Rose". This one is so delicate and pretty, and the colors are fabulous (third print). And I think I'd like to get "The Real Princess" (fourth print) which captures the fabled princess and the pea fairytale rather well, in my opinion. That one will definitely go in my bedroom!

There are lots of prints available at Artsy Craftsy, but you can find them cheaper elsewhere, too. I bought my two prints at

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