Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunny Georgia

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Georgia. It captures her with her pretty smile and sparkling eyes. And it's no coincidence that she is bathed in bright sunlight in this picture. Georgia is a very sunny person in my mind, always colorful and full of life and energy. I find myself drawn to her when I am feeling particularly bummed or pissed off or indifferent. And when I'm too tired or depressed to move, she always instinctively seeks me out. In a matter of minutes she's got me laughing about some silly thing, or off on a frenzy of creativity. I think sometimes you need someone like Georgia to reset your clock and snap you out of your funk. Everyone needs a little splash of sunshine like her.

1 comment:

g-bug said...

oh, geez, i'm about to cry.
here i am in a funk (read only post for today)
and you cheered me up with your sunny post.

i feel the same about you. that's why i texted you at the doctor today.

you made my day! you da best!

see, blogging is great for boosting each other's moods, if for nothing else, right?