Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The most irritating commercial in the world

Meet the Jitterbug, an easy-to-use phone marketed toward seniors and tech phobes. Every time this commercial comes on my skin literally begins to crawl, and my ears gush little spurts of hot blood. I...hate...this...commercial. Remember my post about my chattering brain problem here and here? Well, this is the ultimate brain chattering song. Dogs begin to whimper and hide behind couches, rats run squealing en masse from the sewers, and monkeys start to shriek and scream in the jungle when this song is playing. I feel my brain spontaneously combusting whenever it comes on the tv. 

And my urgent post is due to the commercial just airing about 15 minutes ago. It instantly wormed its way into my brain like those earwigs from The Wrath of Khan, and yet the song is still ricocheting around in my skull at this very minute. Oh God help me, make the bad music end!


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