Friday, July 25, 2008

Another reason why I love him so much

This morning Pete and I had a stupid fight over a laundry issue. I won't go into it except to say that it got rather heated, and on the way to work we were both icy and pissed off with each other. We stopped to get some coffee and food, and I said an angry goodbye to him as I ran into Starbucks. He went into McDonald's to have breakfast with his work buddies like he does every Friday. Since they usually give him a ride to work, I didn't think I'd be seeing him again, and maybe I didn't want to. I got my coffee and went back outside, walking to my car. I glanced back at the McDonald's and happened to catch his eye as he sat at the table with his friends, but I looked away and kept walking, head down.

I was almost getting into my car when I heard someone running up behind me. It was Pete, out of breath but smiling and calling my name. I stopped and he caught up to me, giving me a kiss and saying a soft goodbye to me. I instantly melted and said I was sorry that I was being so crabby. He said sorry too, and stroked my hair as he kissed me again, then laughed and said I was cute. We kissed a few more times, I made sure he had his phone and wallet, and we both called out our love to each other as I got in the car and he went back to the restaurant. I sat there for a minute, watching him stroll back to his meal and his coworkers, and I almost teared up. For a man to run into the street to say one last goodbye to his bitchy fiancé (and in front of his macho friends, too), well, that says a lot about that man and his love for his woman.

(P.S. This photo has nothing to do with what happened today. I just really like how we are together in it, very happy and not posing or being fake.)

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