Saturday, July 19, 2008

Country Living magazine

I'm here to tell everyone about Country Living magazine. Yes, the name doesn't scream high-end style, but if you go beyond the front cover, you'll find a wealth of cool products, unique flea market finds, and fabulous interior design. I have found numerous furniture refinishing tips, quirky room accessories, and TONS of ideas for my own home, which I certainly don't consider country. There are lots of gorgeous room shots and plenty of room makeovers, like the bathroom one shown above. I strongly suggest you check it out if you have a taste for eclectic, colorful, and stylish decorating. And it's only $12 bucks a year for 12 issues! 

I'm think I'm going to write to them right now and suggest they redo their cover design, which is one big reason why people pass up this little gem on the newsstands.

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