Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The ever-elusive black A-line skirt

I'm on the lookout for (among other things) a black cotton (or blend) A-line skirt that hits right at the knee or just below it. I have hunted all over the damn place for just such a thing, and they're harder to find than you'd think. I don't want one with a belt, or weird embroidery, or some other sort of embellishments. I just want a nice plain skirt to wear with whatever I please, so I can mix and match outfits. The one pictured above is a wee bit short for my tastes (only because I'm not happy with how my knees look right now), but the shape is good.

I won't rest until I find one, I promise you that! (Oh, and a gray one would be nice, too.)

(Photo courtesy of Banana Republic)

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