Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogs of Note: The ethereal photography of Alicia Bock from Bloom, Grow, Love

If you have any love of photography and would like to be inspired and delighted beyond words, then you should check out Bloom, Grow, Love. I stumbled upon a link to this blog while reading a post about Alicia Bock's photography on another blog. And let me say I can't get enough. I am blown away by her use of color, compostiion, focus (or lack thereof), and even a vintage-style vignette affect, achieved by using a Kodak Duaflex lens—see my post about it here. I bought one of her prints several months ago entitled "Unruly" from her Etsy shop, and I have gotten several compliments on it from visitors to my home, even though I haven't framed it yet and it's just propped up on my Magic Chef stove right now. There's a real sense of serenity, light, and magic in her photographs, and I think it also comes through in her writing. Definitely bookmark Bloom, Grow, Love on your'll find yourself eagerly checking for new additions to her brilliant collection of work, as well as what's new in her life.

(Photos courtesy/copyright Alicia Bock)