Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And so I start with these beauties...

I'm going to wear these beautiful Ann Klein sling backs today. They are a lovely beige color with embroidered pink and red flowers, pale green leaves, and some tiny sparkly things scattered here and there for a little tinkle of light. See the reflections on the wall? That's some of those sparkles. The heels are nice and low, so it's a nice comfy way to ease myself back into the land of the fashionable.

I've worn these shoes once before, when I was in the midst of my nasty bout with Hooveritis, a name a friend coined for an undiagnosed nerve disorder/injury that I have suffered from for the last year and a half now (loooong story). So I figure if I could wear these shoes back then when I was really sick and had no energy, I can certainly wear them now. I might either mix 'em with a pair of jeans or a nice skirt; I'm undecided.

And speaking of jeans, I'm really, really itching to buy some new ones. I am down to a few ill-fitting pale blue pairs, and I think it's time I switched to something in a dark wash. Either I'll go tomorrow after work, or this weekend, but I gotta scratch that denim itch. I still need to get in shape and really tone my thighs for these new jeans, but I'm retaining my wedding body so far, despite all the junk I've been eating lately.

Anyhow, can't wait to wear these pretty babies today! And I think I might start featuring posts about my daily shoe selection. I have a lot of shoes, so this will provide for many, many posts!

(Photo taken with my iPhone)


Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love that you start with the shoes..what a way to feel good throughout the day (these are beauties)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

nice shot. did you take it?

Chris said...

Thanks guys :)

Yes I did take that picture. It was taken in the stairway to my bedroom.

Tomorrow, another pair!

Mrs. B said...

Those are gorgeous! I'm such a shoe freak. I love your idea of posting about your daily shoe selection. And I highly recommend dark wash jeans. They're so flattering. I always try to find great bargains on my clothes and shoes, but good jeans are one thing I do occasionally splurge on.

Chris said...

Thank you! I'm a big shoe freak too. And I hate wearing outfits with bad components like old faded jeans or beat-up shoes.

I've been a Levi's girl for a while now, but I haven't bought jeans in two years. I hope they still have a good product line! It's boot cut for me, no matter what brand I buy.