Friday, September 19, 2008

Where can a girl find a decent T-shirt around here???

I'm very frustrated. I am a girl who likes to dress up from time to time and wear the pretty frocks, cute little skirts, the heels, the whole nine yards. Yet I am also a girl who is very much jeans-and-a-T-shirt simple. Just give me my favorite comfy jeans, a funky pair of shoes, and a cool T-shirt, I say.

But I'm starting to find that I can't seem to find a decent T-shirt. Anywhere. I've checked the department stores, and the shirts are either too flimsy, too cheap looking, too short (I HATE short shirts that fall at your navel), too tight, too ugly, too see-through, too expensive, or any or all of the above. I'm getting very exasperated with this whole situation. My T-shirt collection is really crappy right now because of it, and when casual Friday comes along at work, or even on the weekends, I find myself reaching for the same old Cubs shirt, or some other T-shirt that's too big and boxy and just not fashionable enough to wear anywhere but at home or in bed.

This is what I want in a T-shirt:

  1. It must be long and cover the tops of my hips—and stay that way. No short shirts or magically shrinking shirts.
  2. Speaking of hips, it must accommodate them. Some of us girls have protruding hip bones that like to bang into walls, chairs, people.... So the shirt must glide over the hips and not strangle them. I like a shirt that hits me around the top third of my hips and butt, but slightly longer is good, too. Just not short. (See Number 1.)
  3. It must be well made and not flimsy, not see through, and not easily pulled apart.
  4. It must be cool, funky, pretty, interesting, or somewhere in between. I don't mind wearing logos, but I don't want to look like Jane Schmoe either.
  5. It must be well priced. I don't mind paying $20 for a decent T-shirt that will last me a while. But I refuse to pay some outrageous price for a T-shirt (i.e., $50+), which to me is just a simple piece of fabric with an image printed on it.
  6. It must not shrink. Oh wait, I said that already. But that's a biggie. I hate shrinking shirts, both vertically and fit-wise. I don't want to end up wearing a crop top in a year's time because I was "crazy" and happened to wash my T-shirt using Woolite and the gentle cycle, and then air dried it.
  7. It must be unique, and something that I can wear to look fairly pulled together. I don't want to look like I emerged from my bedroom wearing a sleep shirt. Yes, my hair is always an unruly frizzy mop that resembles a dead animal on my scalp, but that's besides the point. My hair is the one part of my image I can't seem to control too well, so I just tell people it's my artistic and creative nature that inspires me to let my hair go wild and free and look "natural." Yeah, I know, b.s., but I'm grasping for straws these days with my locks.

I digress...that's my "must" list. So I ask you, dear readers, do you happen to know where a girl can find a decent T-shirt around here???

P.S. I'm a rabid online shopper, so I'll consider all suggestions, both on- and off-line.

P.P.S. I love this Keith Moon T-shirt. I've always wanted a Moon shirt. Moon simply fascinates me despite his craziness and drug problem, or maybe because of it, I don't know. Anyone know of any good Keith Moon shirts? I had more of a Union Jack–style T-shirt in mind with his image on the front, but I'm open to suggestions.

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please sir said...

I can't agree more - finding a good T is hard to find. I agree on covering the hips, but since I'm short that is usually not a problem!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

don't know about the material quality of these t-shirts, but if you can't find a t-shirt you like at RedBubble, you can't find one anywhere. :) check out their site:

andrewhudson said...

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