Monday, September 29, 2008

Colorful rainboots and umbrellas

Today seems like an appropriate day to blog about rainboots (it's gushing outside as I write this). I've always wanted to get a pair, but I have trouble with the fit. I have thick calves—I know, sad—and I usually have difficulty pulling the boot up and over my jeans. Sometimes I can't even get the boots up and over my bare legs!

So the quest continues in finding a rainboot that's cute and functional, but that I can also put on. There are some really cute ones out there, though. I'm liking these from Target, and DSW has some nice ones too. I think I'd want a pair in a bright color like red, or some sort of pattern, like the ones shown above.

I'm also on the lookout for cute umbrellas, particularly those that are long and pointy (the traditional kind). No fold-up compact models for me. I already have some like that for the car, but I want a small grouping for an antique milk barrel I have. It's been sitting in my entryway for ages, forlornly waiting for some pretty umbrellas to fill it up. I saw some interesting ones at DSW and Target, but I'm keeping my eye out for other resources too. This one is cute, as is this one.

Now I just have to find the right boots and umbrella, and then I can go splashing around in the puddles outside!


Mrs. B said...

Love them! I've been wanting to get some rainboots too, but I'm not sure if I want print or solid. Last year I remember seeing some very cute wedge rainboots at Piperlime.

Chris said...

Piperlime? Oh boy, I have trouble shopping there because I never seem to be able to buy one pair of shoes. That's where I got my favorite shoes from early last year, and it kicked off (ha ha) a much more accelerated shoe obsession :)

please sir said...

Oh I love these - I'm really considering a good pair of rainboots this season. Thanks for all your amazing comments!

curious girl (lisa) said...


loving your blog.

Chris said...

Thanks...I checked out your blog as well and it's really cool. I must go back to read some more :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

so cute!