Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini feathery bird ornaments from World Market

I don't get out to World Market often enough, which is a bummer. But after Sam told me about these cute little bird ornaments made out of craft-store birds, I can't wait to stop in and see what else they have. Not that I'm already thinking about Christmas, mind you, but these ornaments are certainly an excuse to stop in at World Market. But do you really need an excuse?


Claire said...

That is something that I wish South Africa had more of... markets. I would love to go browsing around in markets to find all sorts of funky things but they are a rare find, especially farmers markets.

Chris said...

Yeah, I like the outdoor kind. This is just called a market, and it's similar to Pier 1. But they do have cool stuff here! We do have lots of farmers markets, as well as garage sales and flea markets, which are the best!