Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shirt, dress—same difference

Yesterday, while I was getting dressed, I put on a short-sleeved shirt that came down to my hips, but I hadn't put on my jeans yet. I walked past Pete like this and he said, "Nice dress!" I asked him to repeat himself, because surely I didn't hear him correctly. He said, "I like your dress!" and I laughed. I said it wasn't a dress, and did he honestly think I would wear a dress that short to work, or anywhere, for that matter? He said, "Yes! I like it. You look good!"

Very flattering and very sweet of him, but it just reminds me why women need to help men dress themselves sometimes.


Claire said...

: ) I'm loving the humour... I wish I could wear those shirt dress things. They just look aweful on me..

Chris said...

Uh, yeah, me too! LOL Those seem to highlight my worst feature, my beautiful thighs :( It's A-line and knee length for me most days! But it's cute of him to think it looked nice.