Thursday, September 4, 2008

Christmas Lights 2006

I just uploaded "Christmas Lights 2006" to my Flickr page. These pictures were taken back in December 2006 with my beloved little Kodak V550, which has recently expired. (See this post for more on that sad turn of events.) I posted the photos in honor of my sleek silver work horse, which I miss terribly right now. 

I'll probably be getting a shiny new camera this weekend for my birthday from Pete (yay!), so I thought I'd pay homage to a camera that's been almost everywhere with me. My Kodak was very dependable and easy to carry. Although it sucked through the batteries, it always performed flawlessly for me, until the recent turn of events in Maui. Though it had its limitations, it did what I needed it to and filled many a gap that couldn't be filled by its bigger brother, my Sony Alpha 100.

And the Kodak took pretty damn good pictures, too—at least when the photographer behind it had her crap together, that is.

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