Sunday, September 14, 2008

Under water

I'm nervous. The flooding is getting really bad around here. Pete just went for a walk with the dogs, and he said Warrenville Road is partially flooded. The Towne Tap's basement is already flooded and the water is creeping up steadily, so the benefit is being moved to the VFW. Our old neighbor Jeff's house is completely flooded, toast, totally ruined. We lived just 100 feet from him, although our living quarters were up much higher. The Phillips station where we get our morning coffee has two feet of water already, and various roads are being shut down.

This house is not doing much better. Our basement has already flooded, as has all the basements of my relatives. Our entryway wall was weeping yesterday, and we can't completely close the front door anymore, since it's swollen to the point of being unusable. So far the dining room ceiling is okay, but we've had trouble with that spot during past rainstorms that were nothing compared to this one, which are the remnants of Ike.

The radar shows a large swath of rain still moving toward us, full of bright yellow and dark green. I let our landlord know what's going on, and I'm sure he'll be miserable from the news. The dogs had fun running amok outside with Pete, but we just gave them flea baths yesterday, so their medicated therapy has been washed away. Even Max, the eternal outdoor cat, has been pacing restlessly, emerging from time to time from the soggy basement, unsure of whether to mew for his freedom or head to higher ground.

I can only hope we stay as warm and dry as possible here, that the broken wall stays intact, and that nothing too precious among the soaked cardboard boxes has been ruined. Tomorrow we'll leave early for work in case we have difficulty getting out of our neighborhood, which is a very real possibility. I can't stop the jitters or the sense of anxiety I'm feeling, but I take comfort in the fact that we DON'T own this house at the moment and that everything is okay for now, knock on wood.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

uh oh. i feel for you. i remember the feeling of being nervous that our roof leak would just get worse and worse every time it rained and feeling helpless, because we did not have the money to fix our roof.

i just can't believe how much rain we have had. i hope i lets up soon for your sake. i hope the flooding does not become as bad as you are anticipating.

too bad brac and i didn't keep our canoe when we moved. we could have lended it to you in case you and Pete need to boat it to work tomorrow. :)

Chris said...

Yeah, it's been a nerve-wracking weekend. At least we're still renting this house, so we're not responsible for any repairs. Most people had more problems than we did, so we are lucky in that way.

A canoe would have been—and still is—a good idea! I'm nervous about trying to figure out how we're getting to work. Hopefully the roads are passable! :}