Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm going to bed. I feel really crappy and I think I'm coming down with yet another cold. Seems like I just had one the other day. And this one's a doozy that's being passed around at work. People have been struggling with it for several days at a spell, taking off from work and being miserable for days on end. Gee, thanks guys. Here I thought I dodged this bullet and I was all proud of myself, crappy immune system be damned! But alas, the glands are swelling, the head is pounding, and I feel achy and sore all over. So off to bed I go.

Pete already hit the sack a few hours ago. He said he was going upstairs to "snuggle with the doggies" but I knew the minute his head hit that pillow, he'd be out. Sure enough, I went upstairs a half hour ago and he's completely tucked in, still wearing his work clothes but blankets pulled up tight to his scruffy chin. He moaned something about just resting for a few minutes and promptly went back to sawing logs. Sometimes he's so unintentionally cute that it's funny.

Well, off to bed go I. I'm hoping I awaken tomorrow refreshed and back to normal—normal for me being achy and having headaches that is, but definitely not slapped with a cold.

(Photo courtesy of Corbis)


please sir said...

Ohh I hope you are feeling better!

Chris said...

Thanks. I'm not, but there's always tomorrow. Perhaps if I go to bed early and drink enough tea, I'll beat this cold. Fingers crossed!