Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pretty mary janes from Target

I just bought these lovely mary janes from Target yesterday. I had been wanting to buy them for a few weeks now, but the Target by me only had one size 8 left, and they were a bit beat up. I didn't see my size at a few other Targets, so I just forgot about them. Then Georgia started coming to work wearing her own pair, and I knew I needed to work harder to find them. And I did! At the Target in Carol Stream, to be precise. And they are in perfect condition, too. I love the vintage vibe they have, and they're such a pretty color. Very comfy on the feet, too.


Katie said...

*GASP* WANT!!! They're adorable, and the heel doesn't look too high. Now I've got to figure out when I'll be able to make it to Target.

Chris said...

Yes, well worth the trip, my friend :)

Mrs. B said...

I've obviously got to make a trip to Target! These are adorable and I love that yellow coat in your earlier post! I wish there was a Target closer... I have to drive an hour to get there.